Tuesday, September 14, 2010


After starring at soil for the better part of two months, it so nice to see the emergence of new grass plants. We have now completed the seeding of all areas, except the first tee, and are seeing great germination of the seed all over the property. From a distance, it is starting to look like a golf course again.

The greens are coming in beautifully! We have successfully mowed all 19 greens twice now with little to know issue. When mowing newly established turf, you are always nervous since the mowers can do significant damage if there are any issues with the grade. I am happy to report that through the first two mowings there is hardly a blemish worth mentioning. The tees have germinated and are growing in quite well. I think we may be mowing grass on these new surfaces by the early stages of next week. The fairways are filling in quickly and I anticipate mowing the first set (5, 6, 13, 14, 15 and 16) late this week.

The contractor is now focused on the bunker portion of the project. We have already begun applying the Klingstone product to a hand full of the bunkers on #'s 8 and 10. We anticipate this portion of the project to last for approx. one month. I am really excited about bringing the Klingstone/Pro-Angle combination to the membership next year. The responses to the test bunker of #6 were nothing but positive so my expectations for success are very high on this component of the project.

As a side note...Just yesterday I re-gained Internet access in my temporary office so I will try to post a bunch of photos of the work tomorrow.