Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Progress Report

Excuse my absence from the blog spot, we have been trying to squeeze every last second out of the precious time we have this fall. I am sure many of you are wondering were things stand:

Greens: The grow-in of the greens is going superbly!!! We have just completed the second hand topdressing application just today. We continue to mow the greens 5-6 days a week right now and are slowly lowering the heights as the grass plant can take it. The collars are filling in rapidly.

Tees: The tees look amazing at this point. We have mowed all of the tees some 8+ times already and anticipate mowing the first tee any day now. I heard a rumor that "because the first tee was seeded later than the rest, it won't be ready next spring", let me say that it is simply not true. The first tee looks great and will no doubt be ready when we open next year.

Fairways: All of the fairways have been mowed multiple times except number 17 which was mowed for the first time today. What few thin areas there are, are filling in steadily. I am very pleased with this aspect of the project.

Bunkers: We have made the turn for home with the bunkers. We have completed all the bunkers in the 7-11 section and the 12/6/14/15 area of the course. Currently, we are working on the 3rd and 17th holes and anticipate finishing the bunkers early next week.

This has been an exciting time and I appreciate all the wonderful comments some of you have shared over the last few weeks. I see the excitement building in YOUR eyes and that exists us to get this renovation done and over with so we can return the course back to you as soon as possible.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Remember the Fire!!

None of us will soon forget the events of August 27th when the old polo barn went up in flames. One of the headaches created by that blaze was the contamination of the large stockpile of Pro-Angle Bunker sand.

This pile of sand (approx. 900 tons or 1/3 of the project total)has since been moved out of the fire location and re-located to the lower parking lot near the tennis courts. In an effort to make sure the sand is free of any fire debris, your CCD team first removed the outer two feet of the entire pile and that sand was discarded. Don't worry, the insurance policy does cover the replacement material. The remaining sand is being run a 3mm screen to make sure there is no additional debris embedded deeper into the pile.

The machine in this picture has been brought in from the same sand mine where our greens and tees mix was blended. This machine is very effective removing any "junk" that may still remain. I am happy to report that the first 200 tons that have been run through the machine have come out perfectly clean and we have begun to use this product in the construction.