Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hurry Up and Wait!!!

With just 5 days remaining until the renovation begins, there is a flurry of activity to get everything just right before next Tuesday. At this time, all of the involved parties (Renaissance Golf Design, MacCurrach Golf Construction Inc., and Liebold Irrigation) are on property and getting acclimated to their new surroundings. Equipment for each of the companies began arriving yesterday with the largest deliveries anticipated to arrive tomorrow. Everyone is working quickly and efficiently to put everything in place by Friday. We are all hurrying up to wait!!!

A pre-construction meeting has been scheduled for tomorrow where all the "ground rules" of the project will be discussed. This meeting will be a critical component to our success as it will set the tone for a professionally run project. During the meeting the contractors will be informed that the their will be a ZERO tolerance policy for surprises. Any, and all, unanticipated issues that arise during construction must be immediately brought to the club's attention in order to prevent cost overruns. We are working tirelessly to do this project the right way, but just has important is to do it ON BUDGET!

At the conclusion of the meeting, we will have determined the "intended" order of construction and I will report back our decisions tomorrow or Friday. The key thing to remember is, regardless of any construction order we create, we will have to adjust to the curve balls Mother Nature will throw at us from time to time during the project. Moving forward, each week we will meet to discuss the progress of the previous week and determine a course of action for the next. We will review the upcoming forecasts and try to stay one step of ahead of Mother Nature - as difficult a task as any in this renovation.

Lastly, large amounts of construction materials are arriving in earnest. These materials are all being staged in and around the golf course maintenance buildings. Please exercise caution if you are out and about on the property. These trucks will be coming and going all week and for several weeks to come.

Keep coming back...more info to come!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Welcome to the 2010 Golf Course Renovation blog site. This site will be the best way for you to follow and monitor the progress of the golf course renovation. I hope to update this site daily to provide all of you the most current and accurate information regarding the renovation. I guess in some ways this site will serve as the unofficial source for information. I encourage you to check back frequently or become a "follower" of the site. This is a tremendously exciting time for Country Club of Detroit and I am looking forward to bringing you all the daily activities via this site.

Need to Knows:

1. The golf course will closed on July 6th until further notice. The range, short game area, and short course will remain open during the renovation.

2. DOG WALKERS - Due to the large amount of heavy equipment that will be on property, we will discontinue all dog walking on the property from July 6th until further notice. Please understand this is done for the safety of yourself and your pets. We ask that you PLEASE cooperate with this request!!!

3. As of July 6th, CCD is no longer a golf course and instead becomes a true construction site. This being the case and again for your own safety, the contractor has requested that interested spectators be escorted onto the course by only trained staff members of the club. This will minimize the amount of coming and going of interested by-standers and reduce the risk of serious injury. Please contact myself, Mark Petzing, Jim Gusella, or Matt Bodde to arrange a time to tour the construction. Thank you for your cooperation with this very important safety measure.

4. Although we do not begin until next week, large amounts of equipment and construction materials will be arriving in earnest this week. Please exercise extreme caution in and around the "polo-field" area where most of the materials will be staged.

5. Brian Slawnik of Renaissance golf will be on property all week to begin preparations for the construction. You may see him out on course beginning to paint areas of disturbance. Please excuse an interference to your golfing experience this may cause during the final week of play for the 2010 season.

Lastly, thanks for all the support and encouragement leading up to this project. We are poised, excited and ready to deliver one of the finest renovations any golf course as ever received. Remember to check back often!!!

8 Days and Counting!!!