Friday, September 17, 2010

Klingstone and Pro-Angle Survive the Down Pour!!!

Great news to report today! Last week we applied the Klingstone product to five bunkers and installed the new Pro-Angle sand in them. Although we did that test bunker on #6 earlier this year, yesterday was the first large scale test of how the two products would hold up to a good downpour. The course received 1" of rain during the day yesterday. 0.4" inches came as a steady rain the morning, but later in the day we got hammered with 0.6" is less then 15 minutes. One of the hardest downpours I have seen in some time. I am happy to report that there was not one single issue with the 5 completed bunkers.

The Klinstone product is sprayed directly on to the soil using compressed air and a standard garden hose.

While the Klingstone is still wet, a light (1/2") layer of the Pro-Angle sand is placed throughout the bunker. This helps the sand, native soil, and klingstone become one cohesive unit.

Here is the right side green bunker on #8 this morning. It's just the way we left it the day before!!!

Here is the right side approach bunker on #10 this morning. Again, nothing has moved!!!