Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day One!!!

At 7:00am yesterday we where off and running. The weather could not be better for the start of the project. I'm probably the only superintendent in Michigan who was excited for it to be 90+ and dry as a bone. These conditions make it easy to haul materials without causing extensive damage to the golf course.

By the end of the first day, everybody felt really good about our progress. The "core out" or removal of the first and second greens was complete. These greens are now ready for the Renaissance shapers to re-contour. The shaping process on number one actually began late yesterday but is still very much in the infancy stages. The 18th green was about 50% cored out by the end of day. All the sod on the second, third and fourth tees was removed. By exposing those tees early, the extra fill material on those tees is now available for the shaping work on adjacent greens. Below are some pictures from day one:

Step 1: Remove the sod!

Step 2: Remove the old Greensmix!

Step 3: Remove the old drains!

#1 Green core-out complete!

Step 4: Mr. Iverson of RGD re-shaping the first green!