Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What Do All the Different Color Paints Represent?

Recently, I have had a number of people ask me what all the different color paints on the golf course represent. Here is a quick summary:

Orange - This color marks the "area of disturbance" for any given area. These areas of orange paint are marked by the Renaissance Golf team and prevent the contractor from expanding the construction site any further than necessary.

Yellow - This color is used to mark the haul roads for the project. The contractor is bound to abide by these lines. If the contractor does not follow these lines when traveling to and from areas of construction, they are 100% liable for all repairs to these unapproved areas.

Red - The red paint is being used to indicate where existing irrigation must be capped and or removes. Any sprinkler that has a red circle on it, will be removed during construction and re-installed once the construction is complete.

Pink - Our irrigation contractor, Liebold Irrigation, is using this color to identify existing wire paths that will need to be located before irrigation sprinklers can be re-installed.

White Flags - The white flags that are being used around the golf course are marking where the new fairway edges will be. These flags will eventually be pulled from the ground and re-placed with white paint.