Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Batting Order is Set...Weather Permitting

On Thursday July 1st we held a pre-construction meeting to ensure all parties where on the same page. We have spent too much time planning this project to stumble coming out of the gates. There was much discussion regarding smaller details of the project that I will not bore you with, but one very important thing was finialized that I thought you might be interested to know - Where we are going to start!!!

On Tuesday morning of next week when the clock strikes 7:00am, we will be marching toward the 18th and 1st green complexes to get the work underway. From there we will make our way to the 2nd and 3rd greens. The plan also calls for us to "open up" the new 17th green site on the first day. At the end of the first day, we should have four greens cored out and the team from Renaissance should be shaping the first couple of greens. Of course, all of this is weather permitting which looks pretty good as of now!!!

I will post pictures of the first days work just as soon as I can. It's all just a matter of hours away now. The excitement is building!!!