Friday, May 27, 2011

Starting to Gain Ground

Mother Nature finally spared us some of her torture last night and as a result we are really gaining ground on the standing water. As of this morning, the only major golf course areas with standing water were the 7th and 11th fairways. We have already made serious progress there this morning. By days end we should have all the standing water in the fairways removed. When the fairways and bunkers are complete, we will begin working on pumping out as much of the roughs as possible. With 85 degree temperatures forecast for Monday and Tuesday, it is a race against the clock to get the water off and save the grass from cooking in the afternoon sun.

About 90% of this water has already been removed this morning.

The Range, Short Course and Chipping green will remain closed until further notice. Our first, and only priority, is to remove water from the property and save grass. As soon as we can spare some bodies to address the water issues of the Short Course and Range, we will get them pumped out and re-opened.

Thank you for the continued patience and let's all hope tomorrow's forecast for more thunderstorms is completely wrong.