Friday, May 27, 2011

Greens Chair Update to the BOG and Greens Committee

Below is a correspondence from Clark Standish, Greens Chair, to the Board of Governors and Greens Committee

To all-
I am writing to provide some timely update on the status of the golf course, given the flooding from this week's rains...

I spoke with Bob McCurdy this morning and we are about as well off as we could have hoped for, given the events. The fairways are mostly free of standing water and the remaining puddles are being hit with squeegees by the crew. This is exhausting work and I am certain there are a lot of aching bodies out there at present.

There is still a lot of water in the area spanning from the woods on the left side of #11 fairway and all the way over into #7 fairway. The drains are clear and working but there is simply so much water in this area that we can't move it out fast enough. Bob is using pumps to displace as well.

Mother Nature is cooperating (fancy that!) for the meantime with cloudy and cool temperatures. Sun and heat today would be more problematic than current conditions. Forecast for tomorrow is 50% chance of storms- if we can dodge that, we will hopefully be ok.

The more water we can get off the course and out of standing areas, in fairways (priority) and rough, the better- before the high heat and heavy sun anticipated for the end of the weekend. The crew is mowing tees and greens and we will hope to get them out mowing the fairways tomorrow, weather permitting. The rough will be a different story...

The bunkers have held up beautifully. There is a lot of accumulation of silt on the sand surface owing to water washing in from outside the bunkers, but no sign of compromise in the Klingstone. The crew will skim the silt off the surface then restock with fresh sand to desired depth. The sand is essentially dry in many places which is a wonderful deviation from the sand we had prior to the project!

The greens have drained as hoped and there is no sign of turf damage there, or on the tees. Grass can withstand submersion in water for 4-5 days so we are still ok with areas as mentioned above.

Stay tuned...