Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 18 - Battling Mother Nature Again!!!

Could somebody please bring out the sun? Friday afternoon the course was belted again with another 1.5 inches of rain in as little as 30 minutes. The good news is the weather pattern appears to be breaking in our favor this week. There is a chance of rain Wednesday, but the the rest of the week looks high and dry.

During the planning stages for the project, the MacCurrach team developed both a "wet" and "dry" plan for construction in the event we experience weather like we have. With this extra planning we have managed only to lose about 10 hours of construction time even though we have received 4" of rain in the last 10 days.

With the rain from Friday night, Saturday presented an opportunity to begin some of the "detail" work of the project. We were also able to install drainage on the 9th green as it is always "high and dry". The detail work involved settling out the greensmix along the edges of the new greens using "jumping jack" packers and checking the depth of the rootzone by probing the actual depth of the mix. Below are some photos of these processes:

The process begins by back-filling behind the plastic liner to prevent the collapse of the liner during the packing step.

Next, the edge of the greens is packed using the "jumping jack" packers. Here you can see the MacCurrach staff working on the 12th green.

After the packing, this traditional mechanical bunker rake is used to level out the mix. Numerous times during this process the operator will get off the machine and check the depth of the mix with a metal probe marked at exactly 12 inches.

In the coming weeks, I will have extensive photos that demonstrate the length we will go through internally to verify the depth of the mix and check the contractors work. We promised to do this right and we will!!!