Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Deer Is Taking Up Residence In Our Wooded Lot

In recent weeks, a number of my staff have reported seeing a deer on the golf course on more than one occasion.  Yesterday, Jessie Zeiter, a member of our grounds crew, managed to capture a photo of the beautiful doe.  The number of sightings in recent weeks, gives me a strong reason to believe she is now calling our wooded lot "home". 

In the 13 years I have been here at CCD, I have never seen a deer on the property.  It's exciting to see and further reason to protect our wooded should be treated as a treasured piece of the CCD property.  We look forward to seeing this gift of Mother Nature from time to time and hope all of you are so fortunate as well. 

If you are a regular dog walker, please be aware of this situation as your beloved pet many chase after the deer if they come in contact with one another in the woods.  I would strongly suggest putting your pet on a leash to avoid any potential problems.  I have no intention of doing anything to remove this deer from the property.  I just hope she is kind enough to stay off the greens!!!