Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Rough Herbicide Applications to Begin Tomorrow

I just wanted to let everyone know that we will be spraying all of the roughs for weeds beginning tomorrow morning.  We expect this process to last for 3-4 days; however, we will not spray on Thursday due to ladies day or over the weekend.  With any luck, we can wrap up the application by next Tuesday.  The plan is to start the applications in the #9 and #10 area of the course and work our way around the property and finish up at the short course and range area as quickly as possible.

If you are a concerned dog walker, we will be spraying the field on the left side of #9 fairway tomorrow and we will leave the polo field unsprayed for your use.  On Monday of next week, we will spray the polo field area so please make alternate plans to walk the pooches if you are concerned about this application.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Authored by: Bob McCurdy, Golf Course Superintendent