Saturday, May 18, 2013

Proper Ball Mark Repair!

One of the most common on-going issues in golf course management is that of how to properly repair our ball marks.  There are many tools available commercially that, when used correctly, can do a fine job of repairing the scares.  It is however not the type of tool you use, but the method of operation that is critical.  Here at CCD we have chosen to distribute the GreenFix tool for use on our greens.  The GreenFix tool is classified by what is known as a "restricted" entry tool.  After watching the attached video prepared by the USGA, you will understand why that restriction is so important to proper ball mark repair.  Are you avoiding the one critical misstep when you are repairing your ball marks?????


Please remember to fix your ball marks and don't be afraid to remind others to do the same!!!

UPDATE:  If you are having trouble with the video loading, click on "Course Care" and in the bottom right corner will be the video entitled "How to Repair Ball Marks"

Authored by: Bob McCurdy, Golf Course Superintendent