Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New Bluestone Path to First Tee!!!

Many have asked in recent weeks what all the paint around the first tee was for?  Below you will find a rendering of the new bluestone path that we broke ground on yesterday.  This path along with some added landscaping adjacent the immediate area and all along the path behind the first tee will be a handsome addition to this area.  

Yesterday the hardscapes team from Backer Landscaping was on site to carefully excavate the area where the new path is to be placed.

By the end of day, the area was completely prepped, grade stakes and wire mesh were placed in anticipation of the base concrete being poured this morning if Mother Nature cooperates.

Below are two additional renderings to help illustrate what the final look we are striving to achieve in this area is.  We hope you all agree this will be a wonderful improvement to the first tee experience!!