Friday, April 5, 2013

Bunker Inspections

Each spring, the maintenance crew spends the better part of one entire week preparing the bunkers for play.  It takes a small army of about 15 crew members, split into two teams, to accomplish this task.  With 73 bunkers (including the 2 at the chipping green) covering approximately 110,000sqft of hazard, it is no small task to get this work done.  The crew have been instructed to ensure there is no more, or less, than 2" of sand on the "face" of each bunker and exactly 4" of sand in the bottom of each bunker.  We are constantly monitoring these conditions throughout the season and are always making adjustments as issues are discovered or reported.  
In the above picture, you can see crew member Martin Perez, who is leading team #1, inspecting the depth of the sand on the left side fairway bunker of hole #14.  The measuring device is nothing more than an old golf shaft that as been marked at the 2" and 4" depths mentioned above.  Behind Mr. Perez, the remainder of his team diligently works to smooth out the bottom of the bunker surface.
Below is team #2 working in the large bunker left of #9 green/approach.  This time crew member Bulmaro Cruz is leading the way and doing the inspections while Salvador Gonzalez is placing new sand where the depth was not correct.  In the areas such as this, where it has been determined that sand must be added, the sand will be raked out and re-inspected by Mr. Cruz to ensure the correct depth has been achieved. 

As of this morning, the combined efforts of both bunker teams have left us with just a handful of bunkers in the 4, 5, 13, 16 area of the golf course to complete.  This work will be completed today and all of the bunkers will be in service for the season. 

Authored by:  Bob McCurdy, Golf Course Superintendent