Thursday, March 21, 2013

Course Update

Well Mother Nature continues to not cooperate this spring like she did last.  Last week we were able to be outside and start cleaning up the property but this week we have been completely idled due to the snow.  We managed to clean up the entire clubhouse area, driving range, and short course before the snow came so we do have a good head start as we await some better weather. 

The extended forecast is still not very favorable over the next 7-10 days.  With highs barely reaching forty degrees and lows at or below freezing well into next week, it does not look very likely that there will be any golf this March.  In these temperatures, the frost in the ground will not come out and until that happens, we simply can't open the golf course.  My hope is that our crew can resume the clean up efforts the early part of next week and perhaps finish that component by the end of next week.  With any luck, by then the temps will have elevated and we will begin to see the frost come out of the ground and the turf begin to grow. Ideally, we would get a week of good growth before we open so the course can defend itself from divots and ball marks.

We will continue to update you as conditions change.  In the meantime, keep hitting balls under the domes in anticipation of a great 2013 golf season!!!

Authored by: Bob McCurdy, Golf Course Superintendent