Friday, March 1, 2013

Course Amenities Upkeep

Another time consuming winter project is the re-finishing of all the on-course supplies and amenities. Pictured below are the benches and ball washers that line our tee boxes during the season. The club has made a significant investment in very high quality materials and we are determined to make sure they get the greatest care possible!!! To maintain all of our wood products in "like-new" condition, we apply a specialized cleaner and scrub every surface of the benches, trash cans, stakes, divot sand boxes and water coolers. After a light power wash and two days of air drying, we are left with a bare wood surface that is ready for a new finish coat. This year we opted to convert the benches to the same color stain as our garbage cans and water coolers. We think the new improved look is fantastic and hope you agree!
Pictured above are two of our finest, Lino Bautista and Martin Perez, applying the new finish coat to a perfectly cleaned bench. These two gentlemen have repeatedly done this process for two months straight and deserve a big round of applause. Below you see a bench that has been throughly cleaned along side a already finished trash can. The contrast is stunning.
To keep their fresh shine, the ball washers are disassembled and cleaned of any imperfections. A coat of slide polish is applied and they are ready for play.
Authored by: Kevin Peck, Assistant Golf Course Superintendent