Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Streak is Over!

Last evening, we had to make our first fungicide application on tees and fairways in the last 81 days. This is quite a change from previous practices and can be attributed directly to the newly planted bentgrass in the fairways. The old Poa fairways required applications every 21-28 days, generally closer to the 21 day interval. The extreme heat and humidity can be blamed from the presence of the pathogen. Without the weather, i firmly believe the string of days without fungicides would have continued much longer.

I have had a few questions regarding the sprayers out on the course - "If you haven't sprayed the tees and fairways in XX days, how come i see the sprayers?" The answer is simple. You will see the sprayers because we use them to apply fertilizers in liquid form to the turf. The sprayers have been out there, but no fungicides have been in them.

The new grasses are all holding up very well in this latest heat wave. I just checked the updated forecast for next week, and the weather men are now forcasting 90 degrees everyday but one. Let's help their wrong as usual. Anybody ready for fall yet?