Friday, April 29, 2011

Range Update

When life presents you with a basket of lemons, you have no choice but to try and make lemonade. Earlier this week Mother Nature forced the closure of the driving range due to the extreme moisture in the landing zone. I am happy to report conditions have moderately improved and we will re-open part of the range this Saturday. There are still parts of the landing area that are too wet for the range picking equipment so we have installed a temporary section of fence to define the maximum distance you may hit balls this weekend(see photo below). We will place the hitting stations as far back on the tee as possible in order to maximum the number of clubs you will be able to use. Our quick measurement indicates you should be able to hit shots up to 165 yards. Please refrain from hitting clubs that will allow your ball to travel further than this distance.

We kindly ask that everyone please keep your shots inside this fence. If everyone cooperates, we should be able to make this work. Should issues arise, we will be forced to close the range once again.

Thanks for your understanding and have great weekend!