Thursday, March 31, 2011

Let the Preparation Begin

We're Back! Well we actually never went away, just took a little break from the blog site during the winter months. We are very excited to get the golf course re-opened and get you back to playing your favorite track. As of today, we see no reason that won't happen by the July 1st date you were promised. If we can open earlier we will, but we must protect these new greens like a newborn.

All of the greens and tees have come through the winter beautifully. There is ZERO dead turf anywhere in these locations. I could not be more pleased with where we are today. The turf density has increased over the winter and we are well on our way to establishing the outstanding set of greens this membership has come to expect. We have already mowed the greens for the first time this spring and the results are outstanding. We will continue to roll and mow on a regular basis to firm and tighten up the putting surfaces. In the coming weeks we will be maintaining these greens as if we were open - mowing daily and topdressing weekly.

As I write this update this morning, the crew is finishing up the last of the debris removal from the golf course. We have hand raked the entire property and all the debris will be gone today. It's nice to see everything look so fresh and clean. With the clean-up behind us, we will move immediately to repairing the golf course from last summers project. There are a number of small projects that must be completed over the next couple months - most notably the repairing of the haul roads used by the contractor last summer. We will take a hole by hole approach to repairing anything and everything. Our Goal = 18 holes in 36 days. By Mid-May we want to havy every bit of sod or seed on the ground and starting to establish in order to get everything to fill in by our opening.

What's new for 2011? There are some exciting new things on tap for 2011, but I'll keep most of them under wraps for now. Call it a tease! One thing I do want to share is what you should expect of the blog this year. In 2011, we will transition the blog from a project update site to an everyday information tool for the membership. This site will be the place to go for the most up to date information regarding the golf course - Is the course open today? Are there carts available? What projects are happening this week? etc. etc. One thing that I will try to do this year via the blog is answer your questions regarding the golf course maintenance operation. Questions can be submitted to me via email at

An exciting year is ahead of us all. Your patience through this project has been outstanding. We are over the hump and the waiting is almost over. Thanks again for all your support!!!