Saturday, August 28, 2010


Yesterday was a shocker!!! Around 2pm screams of a fire in the maintenance barn were flying across the radios. By the time I arrived on the seen - 30 seconds or less - the old polo barn was completely engulfed in flames. Seven different fire departments were called to the seen in order to control the blaze. The firefighters are to be commended for their efforts even though there was not much they could do. The nearly 100 year old building, formerly a horse stable, was the perfect conduit to a large fire.

The fire was so intense and fanned by the wind that it quickly spread to the second structure pictured below.

That's the bad news! The good news is that almost all of the project materials were not stored in either of those buildings. The biggest loss to the project is some sprinklers and PVC pipe that can be quickly replaced. All the seed, fert, Klingstone, spreaders, and chemicals were spared from the blaze.

We put our helmets and shoulder pads on today and got back to work. The final 5 greens were seeded today. Seeding of fairways will follow on Monday-Thursday of the upcoming week.

Please know that I might be off the blog site of a few extra days while we sort everything out that transpired yesterday. To all of those of you who have wished us well, I say "Thank You". Your support and rallying efforts for the best interest of the club is what makes CCD such a special place.