Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 41 and 42 - Only One Remains!!

Over the last two days the prep team has been working full tilt on the remaining four greens they had to prepare for sod. As of last evening, #'s 7, 9, and 10 where complete and ready for sod. The crew even got a head start on the new 17th complex. Today, there are a number of bodies working on the new 17th green in hopes of having in ready to sod the surrounds tomorrow. Below are a couple of photos:

It looks like it's a long way from sod ready, but because it is a new site the machines can do most of the work. All the other greens had to be prepped by rake and shovel.

The old cart path that ran behind the 17th green and along the 18th tee has to be removed in order for the new 17th fairway to be placed. In the end, there will no longer be a cart path in this area, something I believe will be a cleaner, more elegant look.