Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 26, 27 and 28 - Drainage is Ready to Cross the Finish Line!

We have reached a critical point in the project. All 18 greens on the course now have the drainage and mix installed. The new practice putting green is being drained and should be completed by Monday afternoon, including the mix installation.

If you have not seen the new area, please stop by the club and check it out. The old practice green measured 6300sqft and the new green has been expanded to 8500sqft. It is quite an impressive sight and very fitting for a majestic club like ours. I think it is worth noting that this practice green will allow you to work on virtually every putt you may face on the new greens. There are areas that will allow you to practice a wide variety of putts including: down hill, side hill, up hill, and of course flat ones. I hope all of you will be as excited to use this new green as I am to get it opened for your use.

With the drainage portion about to finish, the MacCurrach group is shuffling bodies to begin the "finish work" around the new greens. This process includes water settling the newly installed mix, packing all the edges, trimming away the excess plastic liner, matching the grade of the new green with the existing surrounds, and most importantly checking the depth of the mix. I had hoped to post some pictures today, but I am without Internet service in my office and am doing this from home where I forget to bring my camera. Look for photos over the weekend or early next week.

This finish work will move quickly (The 2nd and 18th greens were completed just today) and we should be prepared to start laying the bluegrass sod around the first 6 greens by Wednesday. At that point, the only thing left to do would be to rake out the surface one final time and plant the seed. Given the pace of the project, we will wait for all the greens to be complete and seed them at one time - sometime between Aug 20th and Sept 1st.

One other item of note is that MacCurrach Golf recently sent five additional staffers to the club to begin cranking out the tee portion of the project. They arrived yesterday and have made an immediate impact. The location of the new tees on 2, 3, and 18 have been finalized and staked out. It will be interesting to see how quick the new tees come together - I suspect it will be very fast.

Again, sorry for the lack of photos. Hopefully my internet will be back up and running on Monday and I will get some photos out ASAP!