Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 9 - Drainage Continues

There is not much new to report today other than continued progress. The drainage and gravel layer in the 15th green is about 99% complete and the 16th green should be completed in a matter of hours this morning. Once these two greens are complete the drainage efforts will shift to the 2nd and 18th greens later this morning. All and all we continue to make steady progress and everything is on time after the first full week of work.

The most noteworthy accomplishment yesterday was the installation of the new root zone mix in the 3rd green cavity. Below is a photo of that work in progress. Notice how the small skid steer works on top of the sand in order to not disturb the 4" gravel layer. As this process gets closer to being completed, members of my staff, including myself, will begin the tedious process of ensuring the root zone depth is installed to a uniform depth of 12 inches.