Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 3 - Mother Nature's Curveball

Mother Nature gave us a quick reminder that she will be in control of this project yesterday afternoon. Everything was cruising along until about 4pm when the skies opened up and belted us with 1.1 inches of rain. It's never a good thing to see bulldozers and puddles in the same photo as shown above. The bad news is the rain shut us down for the day. The GREAT news is that because of how dry the course was going into the rain event, the course soaked up all of the rain overnight and we are back at it, full tilt this morning.

Before the rains came yesterday much was accomplished. The 18th green sub grade was completed and awaiting Mr. Doak's approval. The 2nd green is very close and the shapers hope to make a few final tweaks this morning in order to have that one ready as well. The 12th green was completely cored-out and the 13th and 16th greens were about 90% done when the rains came.

This morning we are already back in the 13th and 16th greens and should have those core-outs finished within hours. Moving on from there we will be headed to the 15th, 6th, and 14th greens. We continue to strip additional tees and have begun stockpiling all the extra soil spoils near the new 17th green site.

Mother Nature may have one this battle, but we will win the war!!!