Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 11 and 12 - Progress

Trying to play a little catch up today and going to combine two posts into one.

The drain tiling of the greens continued on Saturday and Monday. We now have 5 greens(15, 16, 3, 2 and 18) completely drained and the work has now shifted to the 4th and 12th greens. These two greens should be completed by tomorrow.

There are now three greens with mix (15, 16 and 3) and they are putting the mix in the 2nd green as I type this. The 18th green is next and will be completed once #2 is done - this may even be started late this afternoon and will be finished by tomorrow.

Re-contouring or shaping of the greens to improve the surface drainage continues to press forward as well. At this time, all of the remaining greens, with the exception of 1, 8 and the practice green, have been rough shaped and are awaiting Mr. Doak's visit later this week for approval. I can't wait for the membership to get to play some of these new designs. They are going to be fantastic!!

The most noteworthy accomplishment over the last two days is that we have begun the process of re-installing the irrigation system. Leibold Irrigation has been contracted to do this work and are simply the best in the country at this task. With local offices in Toledo, OH they are excited about the opportunity to work so close to home. We have also contracted with local irrigation consultant, Mike Kuhn, to ensure the proper layout and design of the sprinklers during the installation process. Below are a couple photos of this work process:

This wire wagon is used to keep everything neat and organized for the contractor. With this set-up they are able to plow in the pipe and wires at the same time.

Near the conclusion of the irrigation work on any given green, this "jumping jack" packer is used around each and every sprinkler to minimize the effects of any settling that may occur.