Friday, August 2, 2013

Scott Schulte and Juniors leading the way on the Pratice Tee!!!

We all know changing bad habits is a hard thing to do and that's way its so critical to instill good habits from the onset.  With that in mind, today's post gives me great pleasure to write.  Recently, we have been distributing and posting handouts around the club about the proper divot pattern to employ when using our practice tee.  The pattern illustrated below is entirely about promoting quick recovery of already used areas of the practice tee.  Given the size of our range tee, and if everyone does their part, we can have great turf from which to practice from all season long...

I am truly excited to see that Scott Schulte, Assistant Golf Professional, has taken this message to heart and has begun working with our juniors imploring them to lead the way.  I think you'll agree the photos below demonstrate the great progress that is being made on this front.

Chris Scupholm posing proudly!!!

Older brother David Scupholm not to be outdone!!!

Tommy Campau is getting the hang of it!

 Hey, Andrew Fox, the camera is over hear.  Perfectly done though!

Jo Jo Paglino and Jimmy Rauh cool as cucumbers next to their pattern!!!

A great thank you is owed to Scott for his efforts and to each of these juniors for taking to the instruction and leading the way.  Now we just need to get the Adults to follow suit!  I am asking the children to carry this instruction to their friends and family so don't be surprised if the next time you are out practicing with your son or daughter you hear "you're doing it wrong mom or dad".

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sprinklers Running During The Day!

Overnight, we experienced a pump station problem that caused are irrigation system to crash.  As a result, we will be running sprinklers throughout the day.  It is critical for us to make sure adequate moisture exists in order for the turf to get through the extended period of heat that is now predicted to last until Friday.  We will do our best to avoid golfers, but we apologize ahead of time if you encounter sprinklers running during your round today.  Stay cool...We'll be trying to do the same for the turf!!!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Deer Is Taking Up Residence In Our Wooded Lot

In recent weeks, a number of my staff have reported seeing a deer on the golf course on more than one occasion.  Yesterday, Jessie Zeiter, a member of our grounds crew, managed to capture a photo of the beautiful doe.  The number of sightings in recent weeks, gives me a strong reason to believe she is now calling our wooded lot "home". 

In the 13 years I have been here at CCD, I have never seen a deer on the property.  It's exciting to see and further reason to protect our wooded should be treated as a treasured piece of the CCD property.  We look forward to seeing this gift of Mother Nature from time to time and hope all of you are so fortunate as well. 

If you are a regular dog walker, please be aware of this situation as your beloved pet many chase after the deer if they come in contact with one another in the woods.  I would strongly suggest putting your pet on a leash to avoid any potential problems.  I have no intention of doing anything to remove this deer from the property.  I just hope she is kind enough to stay off the greens!!!